Eat At These Four Restaurants While Vacationing In Colorado Springs CO

Colorado Springs has some great restaurants waiting for you. Did you bring the family for this vacation? Don’t you just love the state of Colorado? It is a beautiful state, and Colorado Springs is a great representation of the state, too. For your time spent in Colorado Springs, I have four great restaurant selections for you to visit. Doesn’t it always help when you have a few good places in mind to get a delicious meal?

Mason Jar on West Colorado Avenue is one of those establishments. You can enjoy steak, trout, prime rib, and get this, some delicious fried chicken there. At a place that serves steak, if I can get fried chicken, too, that’s a winner. You see, people are always touting steak and seafood, but steak and fried Chicken sounds even better. Of course it sounds like you could still get your surf and turf there, and Mason Jar is a very cool name for a restaurant.

Another restaurant with a cool name is Mountain Shadows Restaurant. If there is one thing that comes to mind first when I think about the beautiful state of Colorado, it is the mountains. Mountain Shadows Restaurant is located on West Colorado Avenue as well, just like Mason Jar. You are talking cinnamon rolls, onion rings, burgers, breakfast burritos and more. One reviewer talks about a delicious roast beef sandwich, too, so it appears that this establishment has a little bit of everything.

Then there is Colorado Mountain Brewery, yet another place with a very cool name. Located on Interquest Parkway, Colorado Mountain Brewery serves up burgers, egg rolls, bison chili and well, you get the idea, another eclectic menu. Reviewers talk about this place having the atmosphere of a sports bar or pub, which is cool considering the fact it is a brewery, too.

Golden Bee is another really cool establishment in Colorado Springs, and it can be found on Lake Avenue. Golden Bee is serving up fish and chips, cottage pie and more. What place ends up with cheese and crackers making the menu highlights? That sounds very interesting if you ask me. Well guys, those are four Colorado Springs establishments that are unique places to try out for a meal. I really like the names, too, as I mentioned. Enjoy picking one to get started, and see what all types of foods you get to try while vacationing in Colorado Springs.